About Us

Who We Are

We at Alas Healthcare provide quality healthcare to the elderly, the physically challenged, children, the sick, and patients recovering from various ailments. As part of our team, we have experienced, well-trained, and certified nurses, healthcare assistants, domestic staff, and kitchen assistants who have undergone extensive background checks and training. Clients deserve the highest quality care, and we are committed to improving their quality of life with our dedicated staff.

We strive to deliver effective outcomes of support to encourage full community integration. Our support is based on having every individual lead a fulfilling life filled with meaningful relationships. We work in collaboration with each person we support, their family & friends, social workers, and other stakeholders to create a support plan that is tailored to their needs, wishes and goals.

Our Carers receive high quality training to ensure consistency and continuity in the support that we provide. Our services are mainly focused on providing support to the individuals in a helpful, friendly, and considerate manner.

Alas Healthcare was created because we believe that with the right support, care and stimulation people who want to stay within their own accommodation can be assisted to live happy, relatively independent, and healthy lives for longer. This is based on both personal experiences of caring for loved ones, combined with a passion for trying to combat the loneliness and isolation that many people may experience, and a genuine interest in their lives and experiences.

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